Service Options

Service Option 1
£165.00 + VAT

Mechanical Inspection ✔

Electrical Inspection ✔

Lubrication ✔

Replace Service Wear Parts* ✔

Electrical PAT Test ✔

Sublimation Print Test ✔

Engineers Report ✔

Health Check & Advisories ✔

Service Option 3
Full Refurb
£685.00 + VAT****

Mechanical Overhaul ✔

Electrical Overhaul ✔

Replace Electrical Parts ✔

Replace Mechanical Parts ✔

Replace Control Wiring Loom ✔

Lubrication ✔

Replace Pivot Pins ✔

Replace Pressure Springs ✔

Thermal Imaging Tests ✔

Electrical PAT Test ✔

Sublimation Print Test ✔

Full Inspection Report ✔

Includes Adkins 12 Month Warranty (T&C's Apply)

Workshop Only Refurb

* Wear Parts – Parts manufactured to protect the overall function of the machine, to be replaced periodically when deemed necessary during maintenance
** Electrical Components – Electrical components that deteriate under load conditions over time such as; switches, fuses etc, NOT including Controllers, Heat Plates and electronic devices.

*** Mechanical Components – Any mechanical component showing signs of wear outside of the manufactured tollerances, NOT including Framework, Castings or Structural Comonents, Tables,Pads, and, parts deemed to be accessories.

**** Price based on a Beta Maxi Heat Press and is a “lowest price” for a refurbed machine, for other machine prices, please contact the Service desk for a quotation. This does NOT include the heater plate or Controller.


Repair Options

REPAIR PRICES; Charged at £75.00 per hour + Parts + VAT

Machine Options

MACHINE HIRE;Charged at a rate of £50 per week (minimum 1 weeks hire) + Carriage + VAT