Alpha Industrial Flatbed Series 10 Press



Need to go large? The Alpha Industrial Flatbed Series 10 Press has been created using all our knowledge and experience to deliver our largest flatbed heat press to date. The massive table size of 250 cm x 150 cm with twin, reciprocating tables and pneumatic operation.

The Alpha Industrial Flatbed Series 10 Press boasts an impressive range of features including:

- PLC control system.
- Cartridge based, replaceable heating elements.
- Twin button control system ensures the operators hands are clear of the pressing area.
- Manual or automatic operating modes with auto open release system.
- Heat plate will not operate until directly aligned over the lower table.
- Fully adjustable temperature and pressure control.
- Electronic countdown timer.
- Emergency stop button that shuts off machine operation.
- Inbuilt thermal cut out on the heating element shuts off power to heating element should the temperature exceed 235°C +/- 15°C (455°F +/-27°F).

The twin reciprocating automatic sliding lower tables enables the operator to be preparing the next item to be pressed, whilst the first tabled is being pressed, therefore maximising productivity.

Ideally suited for printing larger panels up to (8 ft x 4 ft), Flags, Upholstery Materials and Soft/ Hard signage applications.

The pneumatic operation means that you can easily replicate exact pressure with every press cycle and operator fatigue is kept to a minimum, resulting in improved operator output and reducing mistakes due to fatigue.

The Alpha Industrial Flatbed range has an innovative cartridge based heating element that replaces the older single continuous cast in aluminium style element. The benefit of the cartridge system is that it has multiple, individually replaceable elements, allowing replacement of just a single cartridge should the need arise.

The operator controls the pressure via a simple, fully adjustable air pressure gauge and locking air pressure control. Fully adjustable time and temperature are set via the controller and the LED display features a countdown timer.

Compliance: Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. CE labelled.

Supplied with:

- 12 months warranty (machine and heating element)
- Installation and instruction manuals including full operating and safety instructions, electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list.
- Service and spare part support.

Requires: Compressed air supply max: 6 bar (Not Included).

Ideal for use with flex, flock, laser, sublimation, bonding, laminating, reactivation and DTG.


Twin Reciprocating Tables

The operator loads the machine via the sliding lower table. Once loaded the operator sends the loaded table into the press and commences the pressing cycle. The second table slides out into the loading position and enables the operator to commence preparing the next item to be pressed, whilst the first table is being pressed.

PLC Control System

Fully adjustable time and temperature are set via the PLC controller (programmable logic controller) and the LED display features a countdown timer.

Pneumatic Operation

The Alpha Industrial Flatbed Series 10 Press is pneumatically operated which allows it to achieve a maximum of 6-bar pressure. This makes it ideal for all forms of pressing work even in the most demanding high pressure environments. The pneumatic operation drastically reduces operator fatigue.


Working Area (W x H x D): 290 x 175.1 x 220 cm (machine body only)
Weight: Gross 4030 Kg / Net 3380 Kg
Power Requirements: 380 Volts AC 3-Phase (Neutral & Earth) / 21 kW
Fuse: 32 Amps
Heat Element: Cartridge Elements (x6) - Replaceable
Table Size (L x W): 250 cm x 150 cm (x2)
Maximum compressed air supply: 6 bar. max. (87 psi. max)
Suggested compressed air supply: 5 bar. (65 psi)
Compressed air consumption: 125 litres/min (4.41 cu. ft./min) @ 5 bar.
Frame Material: Steel
Control Unit: PLC Control
Working Temperature: 50 - 225°C
Display Timer Range: 0 - 999 sec
Warranty: 12 months (machine and heating element)




Digital Interiors


Flags & Banners



Gaming Tables






Ribbons, Laces & Lanyards

Signage - Hard

Signage - Soft





Product Data Sheet

Product specifications and detailed information.

Operators Handbook

Detailed instruction on how to operate the press.


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