With decades of experience in producing high quality engineered heat transfer machines we are trusted worldwide.

Our Mission

Adkins manufacture and develop quality, precision heat transfer and fusing presses for worldwide distribution. Adkins’ policy is one of constant improvement and/ or modification to meet changing conditions and as such we remain as a pre-eminent force in our industry.


Adkins offer both manual and pneumatic machines. We manufacture all our machines to the highest standards, safety for you the customer is our main concern, all machines have been extensively (in house and independently) tested. Our user manuals give detailed information and safety tips to enable the user to carry out normal production without problems. Some machines have safety locking devices, the pneumatic machines will only operate when both hands simultaneously use the start buttons. All machines are CE approved. (Ul and CuL pending). All components used to build the Adkins range are also tested and built to specified standards.

We are always available to answer, or give, information on any aspect of our range.

Quality Engineering

Adkins quality starts with the components, only the best are used. Most BETA machines are made of cast aluminium for strength and durability, the heat element is also made of aluminium and coated with Teflon, we use silicone base pads and the paintwork is powder coated paint, proven to hold its good appearance. The final product will have been through various inspection checks prior to delivery and should give many years of successful printing.

Adkins putting safety and quality first!

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that once you have purchased an Adkins machine we expect it to give you many years of service, we are very proud of our quality and our reputation and we are always here to help.